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To be successful, companies must focus on both their core competency and knowledge of changing market conditions.

Even for local businesses, it is nowadays important to meet the challenges of globalisation. A prime example of how this new reality affects economic activity is the relationship between Switzerland and China: a small market with great expertise is facing a large market with low-cost production.

For Swiss companies, the Chinese market offers a variety of opportunities. R&P will give you individual support to ensure that your interests are best represented in business dealings with China.

From Switzerland to China

Swiss products enjoy an outstanding reputation in China. They represent quality, innovation and state-of-the-art know-how.
R&P’s objective is to create distribution channels.

In China, both the cost of production and the cost of services are many times lower than in Switzerland. This makes it possible to reduce costs.
R&P’s objective is to establish contacts with co-operation partners and to assist in choosing the right partners.

From China to Switzerland

Chinese products have been available on the Swiss market for a long time. This trend will continue.
R&P’s objective is to obtain competitive products which can be launched on the Swiss market.