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About us

Relying on our network of personal contacts, we aim to develop solutions for your business with China. Since we conduct negotiations in the language of our Chinese partners, communication is always direct and personal. At every stage of your business project, we will put your interests first. Furthermore, our team is able to offer you legal and strategic advice.

Business Creator

Whether you would like to conduct market research or intend to carry out concrete projects in China, R&P can make you a customised offer.

1. Analysis of your business
- Are you ready for business in China?
- Are there specific obstacles to launching your product?

2. Market analysis
- Is your product available in China?
- Does China produce similar commodities?

3. Planning and decision-making
- What steps must be taken to launch your project in China?
- What factors must be considered?

4. Networking and implementation
- Choosing the right partners in China
- Carrying out the planned measures